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Description of Questionnaires

The Leadership Profile (TLP & TLP-IC)

The Leadership Profile is a 50-item 360-degree questionnaire that provides the users with an assessment of their effectiveness as transactional and transformational leaders. The participant’s self-assessment is compared with the average perceptions of five or more observers, who are asked to respond to the same questionnaire with respect to the characteristics and actions of the person they have been asked to assess. The Leadership Profile - Individual Contributor is designed for those participants who aspire to develop their leadership effectiveness but do not currently supervise others.


Performance and Relationship Questionnaire (PRQ)

The Performance and Relationship Questionnaire is a 40-item, 180-degree questionnaire that provides participants with a description of their follower style and associated followership characteristics on eight specific dimensions.  The participant’s self-assessment is compared with the perceptions of an observer who is usually the participant’s boss.


Organizational Beliefs Questionnaire (OBQ)

The Organizational Beliefs Questionnaire is a 50-item questionnaire that is designed to assist managers in learning about the culture of their organizations. The OBQ assesses an organizations culture by examining the values and beliefs shared by most people in their organization. This is accomplished by identifying behaviors and actions that reflect - or contradict - certain values and beliefs.


Organizational Culture Assessment Questionnaire (OCAQ)

The Organizational Culture Assessment Questionnaire is a 30-item questionnaire that is intended to be a diagnostic aid - a first step in building better functioning organizations and strengthening and improving organizational cultures. This is accomplished by asking questions that describe how people in an organization typically behave and the sorts of things they generally believe about the organization and how it operates.


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