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Organizational Beliefs Questionnaire (OBQ)

  • Purpose

To assess organizational values and beliefs that are the foundation for organizational culture.

  • Users

Organizational leaders and managers who are committed to building a culture of excellence in their organizations.

  • Time

Approximately 15 minutes to complete the 50-item assessment via the Internet

The Organizational Beliefs Questionnaire (OBQ) is a 50-item questionnaire that is designed to assess an organization's culture by examining the values and beliefs shared by most people in that organization. This is done by looking for behaviors and actions that reflect - or contradict - certain values and beliefs. The feedback is provided along with a detailed interpretive guidebook to assist participants in interpreting their results.


The OBQ was developed to measure the overall "excellence culture" of an organization. It does not identify any individual because it is not an individual measure. It refers to patterns of shared beliefs, not to any one person's values. It can be useful to creating awareness of the values that drive organizational excellence and of the extent to which those values are present in an organization. And, it can be a first step in creating cultural change, changing values so that they more closely match the ten values and beliefs that support organizational excellence, which the OBQ measures. This, in turn, is a step toward organizational excellence and revitalization, toward renewed organizations that can effectively compete in today's complex and rapidly changing environment.

Ten Values and Beliefs That Support Organizational Excellence

Work can be fun
Seek constant improvement
Accept specific and difficult goals
Accept responsibility for your actions
Care about one another
Quality is crucially important
Work together to get the job done
Have concern for measures of our success
Hands-on management
A strong set of values and beliefs guide our actions


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