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Recommended Literature

The following publications are recommended as an introduction to the principles of Leadership and Followership upon which this web site and the instruments presented are based. Please follow the links on the left to full length articles available on this web site. You may copy and print these publications for your personal use but may not duplicate the material for any other purpose without prior authorization.


Contemporary Issues In Leadership, 7th Ed., Rosenbach, W. E., Taylor, R.L., & Youndt, M.A., Westview Press, 2012.

Military Leadership: In Pursuit of Excellence, 6th Ed., Taylor, Robert L., Rosenbach, William E., & Rosenbach, Eric B., Westview Press, 2009.

Leadership That Matters, Sashkin, M. & Sashkin, M.G., Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2004.



What Makes A Follower?

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience: Learning, Leading, and Following

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